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It is within heart that we introduce Richard Meters

It is within heart that we introduce Richard Meters

“Basically, Richards look and practise duration 50 years, within the aspects of atmospheric radiation, planetary atmospheres and you can exploration, negative effects of polar frost on weather, remote sensing, and you may essentials from atmospheric physics and you may chemistry. He has produced a lot of modern efforts in it fitness singles one to features inside the-breadth and you can greater impacts for the atmospheric and you will planetary sciences. The newest demonstration out-of AGUs large awardthe William Bowie Medalto Richard perhaps not only understands his the efforts in order to practical geophysics and unselfish collaboration from inside the look, in addition to towns and cities him from the category off an (within the atmospheric biochemistry). Goody to you.”


“I am honored getting incorporated one of several readers of the William Bowie Medal, such as because the roster off recipients contains unnecessary famous brands, along with the ones from individual household members and you can colleagues exactly who might have welcomed myself. As a result, I do want to state just what a career when you look at the geophysics provides designed to me.

“My personal very first come across which have atmospheric dimensions is actually in the several months out of 1942-1946, when my personal employment were to attempt prototype, high-altitude competitors and you will bombers. At the same airfield, meanwhile, Dobson and you may Brewer had been while making their groundbreaking sized water vapor regarding the stratosphere. It absolutely was my personal wartime event that added Gordon Sutherland to provide me the opportunity to build and you can fly a keen infrared solar power spectrometer to select the total level of water vapour regarding the stratosphere.

“From this work, I install welfare into the radiative import, weather habits, the newest interactions ranging from moves and light, quantitative spectroscopy, secluded feeling with infrared spectra, the brand new thermodynamics of your own mesosphere, and some most other topics that fit no apparent trend. A major extension out-of my passion came in 1954 once i analyzed The newest Physics of the Entire world Mars by the Grams. deVaucouleurs, I happened to be a simple convert, and you may of that time into We have drawn a desire for the planetary atmospheres, principally that from new earthlike globes, Mars and you will Venus.

“My appeal was most of the designed up until the beginning of the Area Many years and until the rapid boost in bodies resource having Planet science one started in the brand new later 1950s. You will find not ever been individually active in the high tactics one to define much of modern geophysics and you can place physics. I want to have the ability to point out that, into the freedom of choice I’ve had, might work features involved particular huge build, specific overriding goal, but to be honest I’ve been something off a great dilettante, picking up interesting subject areas and you will progressing in order to anyone else whenever one thing was accomplished.

“I am able to claim one motivation to have what i have done, specifically, delight in an effective, rational process that brings together objectivity with advancement. All I have actually ever planned to manage try scientific look, which is the way i had been fortunate to expend my lifetime, i am also significantly thankful on American Geophysical Relationship getting so it detection that might work makes some sum so you can an effective high and important profession.”

Raymond Cover-up

The 1997 William Bowie Medal, offered by AGU for outstanding efforts to basic geophysics and unselfish venture inside the lookup, is presented to Raymond Mask at AGU Springtime Conference Honor Ceremony may 28 within the Baltimore.


“The newest Bowie Medal ‘s the Western Geophysical Unions highest honor remembering `outstanding contributions so you can simple geophysics and you will `unselfish collaboration when you look at the lookup. Ray Hides job abounds with several examples of their standard benefits and his awesome treatment of new and you will stimulating records, also that have examples of his management and community solution. For more than 40 years, Beam provides the new geophysical community that have a steady flow regarding the fresh new ideas and you will standard advances towards a standard spectral range of subjects, and, yet others, might hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics out-of spinning fluids, geomagnetism, planetary magnetism, motions on the Earths key, motion on the Earths rotation, and dynamics of one’s atmosphere of one’s Planet or any other worlds. Radiation variety of more 2 hundred products discusses an extraordinary a number of topics from the Earths key to Jupiters Higher Reddish Destination. Right here I can stress never assume all out of his many accomplishments.